Scadding Court Community Centre
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    707 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2W6

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2019 market details COMING SOON!

WHERE HTO Park, 339 Queens Quay West, Toronto
WHEN Saturdays, 11:00am – 8:00pm
Sundays, 11:00am – 5:00pm
May 19 – October 7
CONTACT Benjamin at 416 392-0335 or


Each vendor will be allotted a 10′ x 10′ stall (space) at the Market:

SATURDAY $125.00* per day $250.00* per day
SUNDAY $100.00* per day $225.00* per day
WEEKEND $190.00* per weekend $400.00* per weekend
SPECIAL WEEKEND $500.00* per weekend $1000.00* per weekend

*Plus HST


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All vendors participating in the Waterfront Artisan Market MUST have General Liability Insurance Coverage in the amount of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence. Vendors MUST add the following names to their liability insurance as additional insured’s:

  • The Corporation Of The City Of Toronto
  • The Waterfront BIA
  • Scadding Court Community Centre

Certificates of Insurance must be submitted a minimum of a week before your market dates begin. Failure to submit a valid and accurate Certificate of Insurance a week in advance of your market date(s) will result in you not being able to participate in the market until you provide valid insurance. Please note that there are no refunds. Vendors are encouraged to purchase insurance coverage for the entire market season, May 19th – October 7th, rather than selecting individual dates.

All participating vendors of the Waterfront Artisan Market will be required to agree and adhere to the following terms and conditions.

The Waterfront Artisan Market will operate rain or shine. In the event of heavy rain or severe weather, SCCC reserves the right to temporarily close or shut down the Market for the day to ensure the safety of vendors and customers. Vendors will be notified if the Market opening will be delayed on any given Market day via text message, phone call or email. Vendors will be notified by 9:00am if the Market will be cancelled or delayed. In the event of the Market closing early due to bad weather, a SCCC staff will check with all vendors before doing so.

There is NO onsite parking at the Waterfront Artisan Market site. Vendors will need to make their own arrangements for off-site parking at their own expense.

There is limited access to potable water on the site.

The booth space that each vendor is allocated is the maximum space each vendor will be allowed to utilize during the Waterfront Artisan Market hours. Infringing on another vendor’s booth space will first result in a warning. A second offence will result in forfeiture of all fees paid and prohibition from being a vendor for the remainder of the Waterfront Artisan Market season.

Vendors are to treat the Waterfront Artisan Market site and the surrounding area of the market with utmost respect. There will be no tolerance for property damage of the immediate or surrounding areas through the disposal of liquids (oils, grease etc.) in the streets or grass, and/or damage to or destruction of any property, including any public or private structures, signs, trees, shrubs and other greenery. If any property damage occurs, the person(s) responsible will be asked to leave the Market site immediately. If damage is caused by Waterfront Artisan Market vendor(s), it will result in the forfeiture of all fees paid and prohibition from being a vendor for the remainder of the Waterfront Artisan Market season. Additionally, the owners of the property reserve the right to pursue additional remedies to compensate them for their loss(es).

Currently, the Waterfront Artisan Market is scheduled to open to the public as follows:
11:00am – 8:00pm every Saturday
11:00am – 5:00pm every Sunday
From May 19th – October 7th 2018, with the exception of a few black out dates.
Vendors are expected to arrive for setup as per the load-in schedule, which will be provided prior to each market weekend and be fully setup and ready to conduct business at the market by 11:00am.
PLEASE BE ADVISED: All vendors are to remain at the market until the agreed upon Market hours, unless the market closes early due to bad weather or due to an emergency. A vendor may leave early if they have received previous approval from SCCC staff. If a vendor fails to attend a Market day without notifying a SCCC in advance, a warning will be issued. A second offence will result in forfeiture of all fees paid and prohibition from being a vendor for any remaining days at the Waterfront Artisan Market.

Market vendors will be promoted weekly through various social media channels and highlighted in The Waterfront BIA monthly e-Newsletter; articles will be requested periodically.

Port-o-lets and a hand washing station will be available in HTO Park.


  • Vendors located on the promenade must utilize a rubber-wheeled dolly to transport all materials to their site, as per the City of Toronto Transportation Services requirements.
  • All vendor tables, displays or otherwise must remain in-line with the face of the tent.
  • Tents must be secured, and with either sandbags or a water barrel. Staking is prohibited.
  • Use of generators is permitted.
  • Cook onsite vendors can use BBQ’s (or other cooking equipment) with propane/butane fuels.
  • All cook onsite equipment must meet current health and safety standards.
  • All vendors are required to have a tent as part of their set up, and must provide all required infrastructure: tent, business signage, table, chairs, fixtures, etc.
  • Cook onsite food vendors must ensure a ground covering such as carpet or plywood (not cardboard) is used.
  • Vendors must adhere to the load-in schedule provided and are responsible for their own set up and tear down.

Whatever you bring to the Market, must be taken with you when you leave. All stall space and immediate surrounding areas must be clear at the end of the Market day. It is the responsibility of the vendor to leave their stall space in clean condition before you leave for the evening. Food vendors must provide ground protection in case of oil spills or other ground contaminants. A water holding tank will be available for cook on-site vendors to dispose of wastewater.

When a vendor receives a warning for any of the reason stated above, a second offence (even if for a different violation than the first offence) will result in the vendor’s forfeiture of all fees paid and prohibition from being a vendor for the remaining Waterfront Artisan Market season. The vendor will be allowed to remain at the Market until closing on the day of a 2nd offence except in the case of Term # 5 “Respect for Property” where the vendor will be immediately asked to leave if they cause damage to any property on the Market site or around the Market area.

There are no refunds. No exceptions.

A deposit for half of the Waterfront Artisan Market season is due by April 1st, 2018. Cheques for the first half of the season MUST clear the bank before a vendor’s first day at the Market. Cheques for the second half of the season MUST clear the bank before July 1st, 2018. If a cheque is returned ‘NSF’, SCCC staff will inform the vendor and accept a cash payment or certified cheque before the vendor’s first day of the Market (applicable to either the first or second half of the season). Due to the cheque being returned ‘NSF’, a vendor’s TOTAL payment will increase by $25.00 to cover administrative expenses.

Please note: If a vendor’s cheque is returned NSF, there are no guarantees that a vendor’s booth will remain available due to limited space and demand of the Market. If space is still available and after staff have received your payment, SCCC staff will re-confirm your booth space via email or phone call.

The Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC) mandate is to support and foster the well being of individuals, families, and community groups by providing and encouraging both local and international opportunities for recreation, education, athletics, community participation and inclusive social interaction. The Waterfront Business Improvement Area (WBIA) is a community-driven organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the economic and cultural vitality of the Waterfront area. The Waterfront Artisan Market was developed to create a culturally rich and exciting hub, to enhance the street experience, and act as a catalyst to continued revitalization that reflects the Waterfront’s regional stature. SCCC and the WBIA support this mandate through equitable opportunities for individuals, groups and vendors. We expect that all vendors and any individuals serving and/or interacting with customers or the general public will treat everyone with respect and dignity. We will not tolerate, ignore, or condone any form of discrimination, harassment and/or the promotion of hatred. All vendors are expected to be responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of our staff, volunteers, vendors, and any member of the general public. The contract will be terminated immediately if this clause is violated.


  • The craftsperson is responsible for obtaining and complying with government safety, health, and labelling regulations. The Waterfront Artisan Market, WBIA and SCCC assumes no responsibility for this compliance.
  • The vendor must be in security of his/her booth and cannot hold the Waterfront Artisan Market, WBIA or SCCC responsible for theft or damage.

Vendors are not permitted to sub-lease their vending space to any other business or persons.

The application does not serve as a finalized contract until it has been signed by a Waterfront Artisan Market staff member.

Please download the waiver in PDF form, fill it out and attach the file to your online application: