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Scadding Court Community Centre is proud to present Scadding Court Urban Market.

We are now accepting expression of interest forms for our upcoming markets and special event days in multiple locations throughout the city.

All our markets are located in prime downtown neighbourhoods with high foot traffic from tourists, local residents and young urban professionals with the need for fresh local food and retail.

If you are nterested in applying for our markets and receiving detailed information on market locations and options, contact Jake at


We are thrilled by the overwhelming number of innovative, enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneurs in Toronto! Market 707 is an ideal space to launch your business with low overhead and supports to get you started and the more interest we have, the more these types of opportunities will expand both here at Market 707 and across Toronto!  Below you will find details on the spaces that are available and the process for becoming a vendor.

Spaces are rented on a year-long basis with the following types of spaces available at Market 707:

  • Two 20’x 8’units reserved for non-food retail including services, art, goods and more
  • Six 1′ x 8′ units designed for and reserved for food vendors only
  • Four 10′ x 8′ units reserved for non-food retail including services, art, goods and more (packaged goods could potentially apply)

Prices range from $368 to $819 per month depending on the unit size and whether or not it includes a Ventless Hood (required by the Fire Department for cooking with any types of fat ie. butter, meat, cheese etc.). There is an additional $80 key deposit that is returned to you upon vacating your space and returning your keys.

Food vending stalls come as a shell with walls, insulation, windows and electrical capacity (typically 15amps and one 110 VAC outlet, with additional capacity in certain units to accommodate Ventless Hoods). All interior fixtures including portable sinks, counters, fridges etc. are provided by the vendor. Opportunities are often available to purchase fixtures from the vendor who previously rented the stall, which would be negotiated directly with the vendor.

These newer stalls have been redesigned specifically to suit retail, art, and service. With large windows, beautiful interiors and air conditioning, you would have never thought a shipping container could be this nice! Units come with electricity, secure locking and gate systems, lights and air conditioning.

While there is a waiting list for Market 707, we encourage you to apply if you are interested. The vendor selection process is based on “fit” rather than order of applications. Please note that leases for Market 707 are year-long leases that align with the calendar year. This means that if you move in in March, your lease will be March to January, and then you will be able to resign for a full 12 months the following year.

Priority will be given to vendors who:

  • Are providing a product or service that does not already exist in Market 707
  • Are providing a unique or handmade product or service
  • Do not already have a permanent location for their business and couldn`t otherwise afford retail space in Toronto
  • Fit with the community, communal vibe and priorities of the market

The typical application and vendor selection process is as follows:

  1. Submit an expression of interest which can be returned to Benjamin by email at or to the reception desk at Scadding Court Community Centre (707 Dundas Street West)
  2. Once space(s) become available, we will contact you for an information interview, where we will show you the space, tell you a bit more about Market 707 and learn more about you and  your business to see if you might be a good fit
  3. If your business does seem like a good fit, and you are still interested in Market 707, we will invite you back for a deeper discussion to make sure you are thinking through some of the critical first steps to launching a business at Market 707. This will include seeing (and tasting) a sample menu or product list, ensuring you have a financial strategy for your start up and talking through your communications launch strategy.
  4. Final selection, get your keys and move in to your new space!

Market 707 has a new Farmers’ Market that runs during the summer months! This weekly market is open to vendors and might be a good opportunity to test your business if you’re just getting started.