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Statement on Racism Against Chinese, East Asian and South East Asian Canadians

We stand in support and solidarity with all our Chinese, East Asian and South East Asian communities in Toronto and across the country. We commit to actively fight daily microaggressions and hatred against women and sex workers, racism and all forms of misogyny and discrimination that continue to oppress our neighbourhoods and society as a whole. To actively put an end to the circumstances that prevent communities from being safe, prosperous and places for people to reach their potential and thrive, it is not an option to do nothing, especially during these times of escalated, targeted violence. We can act and fight this together.


The horrendous, egregious and appalling violence in Georgia demonstrates the significant intersection of hatred toward women, Anti- Chinese and Asian violence and other forms of oppression. Canada, and Toronto, are as challenged and not immune to this type of hatred and violence as recently highlighted in the report released by Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (CCNCSJ).


According to this report:

  • 40% of all incidents reported were in Ontario, second only to BC with 44%;
  • 1150 incidents of anti-East Asian racism have been reported since COVID-19, reported through two websites, and, between March 10, 2020, and Feb. 28, 2021;
  • 60% of victims identified as women;
  • 11% of cases included violent physical assault or unwanted contact;
  • 10% of cases included being coughed or spat on;
  • one fifth of all racist attacks/incidents occur on our streets, in public spaces and food spaces such as grocery stores;
  • almost one third of reported incidents (30%) involved a form of assault, including targeted coughing, spitting or physical violence.


What We Can Do:

We can all act. See below on where we can start.





多伦多高级法院 (Scadding Court)社区中心和合作房屋联合会:





  • 报告的所有事件中有40%在安大略省,仅次于卑诗省,占44%;
  • 自COVID-19以来,从2020年3月10日至2021年2月28日之间通过两个网站COVIDRacism.ca和elimin8hate.org报告了1150起反东亚种族主义事件;
  • 60%的被确定为妇女受害者;
  • 11%的案件包括暴力殴打或不必要的接触;
  • 10%的案件包括针对受害人的咳嗽或吐痰;
  • 所有种族主义袭击/事件中有五分之一发生在我们的街道上,公共场所和食品店(如杂货店)中;
  • 报告的事件中几乎有三分之一(30%)涉及一种攻击形式,包括针对性的咳嗽,吐痰或人身暴力。



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