SCCC offers meeting rooms and a gymnasium for rent on a ‘first come, first served basis’.
Facility highlights: a fully secure building located in downtown Toronto; fully renovated, and air-conditioned rooms. Email or contact us using the form below.

For more information on or to apply to our Commercial Kitchen, please click on the “Commercial Kitchen” link below and scroll down.

Community Rate

$27/HR + HST (for those living in the community within this range: College St to Front St, and Euclid Ave to Spadina Ave).

Associate Rate

$35/HR +HST

Not-For-Profit Rate

$55/HR +HST

For Profit Rate

Negotiable. Standard = $81 (3x community rate)

Max Occupancy

30-50 (variable per room). Tables and chairs included.

“Community Rate” is for local Toronto residents who want to rent space for a party or meeting and not for the purpose of generating profit.

Security fee of $25/HR applies to all rentals outside of SCCC's regular operating hours. Payments can be made by cash, e-transfer, Apple Pay, cheque, credit or debit. These rooms are a great space to host birthday parties, baby showers, board meetings, and more!

Photo ID such as current driver’s license is required to book space. Payments must be made in cash, money order or by certified cheque. All space bookings are subject to the availability, internal programming and emerging program needs take priority over rentals. Booking confirmation is secured upon payment of rental fees & security deposit and signing of space agreement contract.

Community Rate

$75/HR + HST (for those living in the community within this range: College St to Front St, and Euclid Ave to Spadina Ave).

Associate Rate

$85/HR + HST

Not-For-Profit Rate

$110/HR + HST

For Profit Rate

Negotiable. Standard = $225 (3x community rate)

Max Occupancy

Seated: 200. For recreational play: 40

GYM 50’ x 80’ with a high ceiling
GYM is installed with a Robins maple, bio-channel, anchored resilient floor.
Ball bounce is consistent as a result of the anchoring system.
Shock absorption of floor is high due to shock pads built into the sub-structure of floor system.
Equipment not provided and only plastic blades for floor/ball hockey permitted.

Community Rate

SCCC’s Commercial Kitchen is public-health approved and equipped with: 4-top stove and oven, 18” flat-top, 1x 40lb deep fryer, Double door convection oven, Stand mixer, 4 prep spaces, Hand washing station and 3-basin sink, Cold-holding fridge, Small cookware. All cooking equipment is propane operated. Please see below for further information, including rates and the application form.

Not-For-Profit Rate


For Profit Rate


Max Occupancy


Scadding Court Community Centre’s Commercial kitchen is a conveniently located space in downtown Toronto, designed to meet the needs of chefs, caterers, product packagers, and other food professionals.  We are fully equipped for your preparation, cooking, and baking needs.

Our affordable rates make this an economically accessible opportunity for growing businesses, available for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round.

While there are storage options for long-term clients, they are subject to availability.

  • Rates
    • There is a 3-hour minimum booking requirement. There is no minimum or maximum amount of bookings that can be made in your contract period.
      • $26.00 per hour from 6:00 am through to 12:00 am / midnight
      • $15.50 per hour from 12:00 am / midnight through to 6:00 am
    • $12.00 maintenance fee applied to each individual booking
    • HST is added to all bookings
    • All bookings made must be paid in full in advance of each occurrence.

We are currently accepting clients. Please continue below to begin the onboarding process by completing an application.


If you are interested in SCCC’s Commercial Kitchen and want to proceed, please complete the application below. Once received and reviewed, we will contact you to discuss onboarding.

Kitchen tours are provided, and will be only arranged after application is received.

Please note that all clients are required to provide us with the following in advance of booking commencement:

  • Proof of a valid food handler’s certificate for at least one person on-site during bookings
  • Proof of general liability insurance totalling a minimum of $2,000,000.00
  • A deposit of $150.00, refundable in whole or part upon contract expiry
  • Completed contract, provided by SCCC

Successful applicants will be provided with an equipment operation and kitchen safety orientation in advance of their first booking.

Applicant Information

Business Information

Please describe and list the products that you will be preparing in the kitchen:

Kitchen Rental Schedule

Commercial Kitchen is open year round, seven days a week. Space can be rented for a minimum of three hours at a time. How often are you interested in renting space?

Storage Rental

Storage is subject to availability

Refrigeration (per shelf):

Cold storage (per shelf):

Dry storage (per shelf):

*HST will be added to all prices. Long-term rental is a minimum of 20 hours a month for a consecutive six month period.



Clicking ‘Submit’ button above indicates your acceptance of, and agreement with ALL of our ‘Terms and Conditions’; and that all applicable documents necessary constitute a CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT between yourself; and SCADDING COURT COMMUNITY CENTRE and that you, the Vendor, willingly agree to be bound by this CONTRACT. A receipt from SCADDING COURT COMMUNITY CENTRE acknowledging full payment of your fees shall be considered as management’s reciprocal commitment to the Vendor to uphold our responsibilities as stated above.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications are subject to review by a Scadding Court Community Centre. Submission of this application does not guarantee participation in the kitchen. Applicants are selected at the discretion of Scadding Court Community Centre.

If you require further information or are having difficulties completing the application, please contact:

Get in Touch.

We welcome feedback on making our services more accessible. Please send suggestions by email, phone, or visit the reception desk. Our building has ramps, an elevator, allows service animals and welcomes support persons.


707 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 2W6




Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED