Nobody’s perfect

WHOParents and caregivers with children 6 years and under
WHATWith trained facilitated staff in weekly sessions.
·  Positive parenting is promoted.
·  Parent’s understanding of children’s health, safety and behaviour is increased.
·  Parent’s self-esteem and coping skills are improved.
·  Community services and resources that is needed is made accessible to parents/caregivers with the help of trained staff.
·  The prevention of family violence is discussed as well.
WHYA safe interactive setting where parents/caregivers can meet with other parents of young children (0-6 years).
·   Share questions or concerns and ideas about being a parent.
·   Learn about child development ,safety ,health and behaviour
·   Talks and sharing experiences about real life parenting with the other parents.
·   Work together with the trained facilitators to problem solve parenting issues.
·   Discuss ways to implement positive parenting.
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Parenting 1234

Parenting 1234 provides support to parents /caregivers who need more specialized programs, such as teen. This programs also allows parents to build self-esteem and become empowered while learning new skills and methods of parenting that are effective and appropriate.

To learn more about Parenting 1234 program view our brochure here.

Black History Month Story Corner

Family Math

Family Math is a six day program that is community based and designed to help and involve families in their children’s math education. The sessions educates parents/caregivers how to work and play using the concepts that are learned in this program. The aim is to encourage children, parents and caregivers to develop positive attitudes towards mathematics.

Upcoming dates are March 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and April 3. View Flyer

Families Reading Together

A six (6) week family literacy program that helps parents/caregivers understand how children begin to read and to develop and support pre-reading skills. Weekly sessions offer fun activities, discussion, as well as play and circle time to encourage reading skills.