Lunar/Chinese New Year

Scadding Court celebrates Lunar/Chinese New Year every year as a part our community celebrations. The first day of the Lunar New Year is the first new moon of the first day of the year in the traditional Chinese calendar. In this calendar, months are based on lunar cycles and Chinese New Year usually falls between January 21 and February 21.

Lunar New year celebration at Scadding Court Video – credit Codetski Jaigobin

Black History Month Celebration

SCCC recognizes that every day is a day to celebrate Black communities. We start in February with #BlackHistoryMonth, and continue throughout the year to raise awareness and celebrate Black community achievements every day as part of our heritage, our current society, and the future of our country.

Free Settlement Services in the Community

Provided in partnership with Sanderson Library and Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, services offered include: settlement workers on- site at the Library providing information, referral, interpretation etc., and The Great Start Together Perinatal Program at the Health Centre.

Business Out of the Box (BoB)

We assist low-income aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground in their communities. With creativity and meaningful partnerships, there are ways to create quick and affordable vending spaces, which ultimately support low-income entrepreneurs, and our local economies, to flourish. There are no times related to this program. Interested parties should contact us about starting their own.

Primary Care

A physician affiliated with St. Michael’s Hospital is available part-time to provide culturally sensitive primary care to community members. Patients from all cultures are welcome, however those that are not able to communicate in English, Cantonese or Mandarin should come with an interpreter/ translator.

Partners For Access and Identification (PAID) Project

Supports for individuals who do not have a fixed/permanent address. Services include help obtaining vital pieces of identification including: Ontario photo health card, Canadian birth certificate, record of landing, etc. Referrals, including to community-based support services, are provided.