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Scadding Court Community Centre, in partnership with Regent Park Focus, facilitated a series of workshops as part of the Canadian Ministry of Heritage funded Inter-Action project titled: Our Canadian Story. Our Canadian Story is a program that recruited 15 youth who, over the course of the program, attended workshops and retreats discussing themes of identity, inclusion, and cultural understanding. These workshops cultivated discussion and created critical thought around their own identity and living in Canada. With the partnership and resources of Regent Park Focus, these discussions were workshopped and turned into digital stories.



Ableism | Transphobia | Capitalism | Racism | Misogyny | Colonialism | Ageism | Islamophobia | Sexism | Classism and Elitism | White Supremacy

Thalia (Video 10):

Children in Care/Children’s Rights, power imbalance as a minor, black and indigenous communities experiences.

Diversely-abled (intellectual, physical)  |  Ableism  |  Mental Health | Illness  |  Wellness  |  Well-being  |  Bipolar  |  Depression  |  Dyslexia

Kaila (Video 4):

Dyslexia, differing learning abilities, ableism.

Chantal (Video 13):


Shakiya (Video 3):

Diversity and Masks.

Beverly (Video 6):

Mental illness, stigma, Bipolar II and depression.

Anti-black racism  |  Colonialism  |  Gender vs. Sex

Hopey (Video 11):

Historical Context of Black Hair, Colonialism and “good hair”.

Deborah (Video 5):

Hair damage, hair cutting, the correlation to hair and self-love, gender bias.

Shejuanah (Video 12):

Assumptions, Privilege and Racism.

Transphobia  |  Homophobia  |  Gender  |  Sex  |  Pronouns  |  Gender diverse

Kylie (Video 7):

Homophobia, coming out.

Nate & friends (Video 9):

Transphobia, trans rights within school systems, pronouns and gender neutrality.

Diversity | Assumptions | Racism  | Diaspora | Culture | Colonialism

Monalisa (Video 8):

Assimilation, First-Generation Canadians, Internalized Fatphobia.

Erica (Video 15):

Diaspora, assimilation, importance of language in Filipino identities and preserving culture(s).

Diego (Video 14):

Racism, prejudice, bullying, school to prison pipeline, cultural ignorance.

Ignorance  |  Islamophobia  |  Culture

Fazra (Video 1):

Harmful perceptions, cultural ignorance.

Sumeya (Video 2):

Laws in Canada, Somali pirates, migrant waves.