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Ok, it’s me again; Sam

Ok, it’s me again Sam. I hope you found my last blog interesting.  I’m so excited this week because I bought myself a camera. I really can’t wait to use it. Before I get to use it, I must set it up. Well everyone goes through that process right?

Well for someone with a disability like mine, CP, there might be extra steps to take. Due to my hands lacking fine motors skills, pressing buttons and opening tiny compartments of the camera is impossible for me. So I reply on others to set this up. So now the camera comes, my attendant (A person who assist me with things I can’t do for myself.) opens the box after I asked him to, and says, I need to go now because I’m assisting someone else soon. We can continue next time I come to see you, in two days. So I am waiting two days to see if I can use this. Oh wait. How will I operate this when my hands shacks all the time? I plan to attach it to my chair. Oh need to order the attachment. Two more weeks of waiting.

Question for you. Wouldn’t it be great, just once, you buy something and you can use it once you take it out of the package? What, you can do that? Please tell me how it feels.

The point I’m trying to make here is, I just wish that manufactures will start designing things for all to use at the start of purchase. Some might argue, that’s impossible. Can we just start thinking about of it?

Be accepting.