This new Toronto restaurant serves Colombian street food (and bugs)

Toronto’s newest restaurant is serving up all your summer meal essentials.

From empanadas to arepas to insects, Colombian Street Food by Cookie Martinez‘s Dupont Street location has got you covered.

The storefront’s opening means that now, Martinez has two spots serving up these fierce eats in the city.

With a shipping container situated at Market 707 (on Dundas just east of Bathurst) and this new spot at 1565 Dupont Street in the Junction (where Urban Acorn used to be), you can now get your flavour fix whether you’re downtown or in the west end.

Cookie Martinez – Arepa, Beef

This spot serves the eats that you know well: baked chicken, coconut rice, and corn salad.


And then there are the bites you might hesitate over… like the big ass ants.

Natalie “Cookie” Martinez started cooking with crickets and other edible insects as part of the Future of Food Salons in Toronto, New York City, and Montreal.

Bringing together artists, scientists, inventors, makers, farmers, chefs, and surprises, the salons welcome everyone curious about what we might be eating in the future.


And, as is often discussed these days, there’s a solid chance bugs will be on the menu.

Cookie Martinez – Agar agar and cricket garnish

If you’ve been curious about the flavours that these six-legged (or more) creatures can offer at mealtime, take this new eatery as an opportunity to try them out.

You can anticipate eats infused with insects, like cricket empanadas, and just straight-up bugs to snack on based on seasonal availability.

Don’t wig out. You’ll be surprised at how delicious these creepy crawlies can be.


Colombian Street Food by Cookie Martinez

Address: 1565 Dupont Street


Take note: if you’re allergic to shellfish, you may be allergic to crickets.