The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Toronto

The best grilled cheese sandwich in Toronto brings hot, melty cheese and buttery bread together in a holy union rivalled by few other comfort foods. Set it off with extras like peppers or caramelized onions or make a classic pairing with tomato soup. 

Here are the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Toronto.

Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder


Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder

St. Clair West’s smokehouse makes an exceptional grilled cheese on herby sourdough. Their $14 flat top-grilled sandwich includes slices of green apple, smoked cheese, and caramelized onions.

Flo's Diner


Flo’s Diner

Cheesy sandwiches on egg bread have their own page on the menu at this Yorkville breakfast staple. The $15 standard comes with four slices of cheddar with options to add bacon or ham. Ham and brie or grilled mozzarella with basil are also options.

The Federal


The Federal

Head to the Fed on Dundas West for a very special grilled cheese sandwich made with pear and chutney. Their house-made ketchup is a big plus and perfect for dipping, in lieu of other tomato-based concoctions.




There’s nothing plain about the extremely crusted cheddar sammies at either Leslieville or East Chinatown locations of this restaurant. The loaded option ($7.75) comes with tomato, refried beans and mashed avocado. Even the basic ($5.75) has a kick with hot sauce. 

Maha's Restaurant


Maha’s Restaurant

Little India’s revelatory Egyptian brunch spot escalates their cheesy ordeal with a date grilled cheese ($16). Butter sauteed dates come together with gouda, havarti,and Swiss cheese for a dreamy egg bread sandwich from on high.

Rebel House


Rebel House

For simple and delicious, take the subway to Rosedale station for a classic grilled cheese done right. This one is made with two types of aged cheddar, grilled in shallot butter, and served with kettle fries and a pickle for $12.95. Peameal costs extra.

Stuff'D Grilled Cheese


Stuff’D Grilled Cheese

Dishing out divine sandwiches from a tiny shipping container is this Market 707 gem. Cheese options range the most here, from mozza to cheddar, Swiss or jalapeño havarti. As the name implies, sandwiches get stuffed with jerk chicken, paneer and other delectable fillings.

Riverdale Perk Cafe


Riverdale Perk Cafe

If dining at Logan Avenue’s local hangout, don’t miss out on the “Grown Up” grilled cheese ($10) with double cream brie, avocado and roasted pears on country grain. There’s a second sandwich with bacon, apple chutney, aged cheddar and Guinness aioli.

Thindi Cafe


Thindi Cafe

There are three tiers to the sumptuous grilled cheese sandwiches from Little Italy’s cafe for Indian eats. This toasted snack comes with an assortment of fillings like house-made green chutney and a mountain of stringy cheese on top. Find them also at World Food Market.

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Jesse Milns of Maha’s Kitchen. Additional photos by StockyardsFlo’s DinerCompletoRiverdale Perk@foodolious of Stuff’d, Toronto Eaters of Thindi.