How black women entrepreneurs contribute to the food industry

I had the opportunity to learn about the achievement and influence of female entrepreneurs during the celebration of Black History Month. In this article, I would like to introduce you to two amazing women Janelle Jordan and Michelle Lewis who told me their stories and how they achieved their business success.

Janelle’s Story

Janelle Jordan, the founder of Fusion Fit Foods, has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade. Her motto is to educate and empower her clients with fitness and nutrition tools. Janelle plans the diet and workout schedules for each client and tailors it according to their needs. It was failing for a few and she didn’t know why.  She discussed the issue with her clients and all of them confessed that they were having trouble balancing the daily workload and healthy eating. Janelle learned that they had a great dependency on sugar and high sodium type snacks. Janelle decided to innovate a snacking solution for them.

Some of her clients also mentioned that they don’t check the nutritional facts on the protein bars they consume daily. This feedback directed Janelle to create a naturally sweetened snacking solution that was not only nutritious but also satisfied the client’s fondness for sweet foods.

Janelle introduced plant-based protein balls that she named Fusion Fit Foods. They contain low carbs, moderate fat, high protein, and also coated with Adaptogens. Adaptogens, commonly known as superfood herbs and has roots in East and South Asian countries. They are famous for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral benefits. Janelle’s commitment to offering top-quality protein bites, loaded with great taste and texture was a huge step toward the success of her diet plans.

After that, she expanded her business to the virtual market. Janelle is a self-learner who isn’t afraid of the challenges ahead. She said, “2021 is the best time to establish your start up. Don’t be scared. You will never be ready; you have to start with your strong determination. ” She would like to thank her family: Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, Black Business Professional Association, Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, and Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub (WE-Hub) for their support and encouragement.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle Lewis, a business management professional always dreamt of turning her passion for baking into an established business. She educated herself about business operations and administration. The experience helped her to start her part-time baking business in 2017. Michelle’s specializes in sweet baked treat boxes, platters, cheesecakes, and cake loaves for any events.

Michelle mentioned that she values all the money her clients are paying for the products so to make it worthwhile she only uses edible decorations and avoids fondant. All the baking products are prepared from scratch, baked in small batches, and combined with a burst of flavour so food lovers will be satisfied with every bite.

She was determined to establish her business in 2020 and for that reason; she planned all the marketing strategies in 2019. However, when the pandemic hit all the plans were derailed, and she was worried her business would never take off.

To her surprise, all regular clients continued to work with her and encouraged her to continue delivering her amazing baked goods. Michelle encourages all business owners, “You will be tired. Your energy will be down. Work hard and keep trying for the better. Have your strong spirit to overcome all obstacles.”

The authenticities of female entrepreneurship are encouraging. It is showing young women what they can achieve if they are passionate and dedicated.