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A new focus for the Cities of Migration network

CERC Migration builds on the initial Cities of Migration mission by undertaking research into how migration impacts urban growth at the scale of both large urban centres and small and medium-sized cities. We examine global trends, and have a particular focus on the Canadian experience along with international comparative studies. Our research will be of interest to municipal leaders, civil society organizations and all who are concerned with migrant integration in cities around the world. 

Follow this link to learn more about CERC Migration research on migration and the city.

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While the original Cities of Migration program has been discontinued (see note below), its network will remain active and we will continue to use it as a channel to connect relevant research and engagement opportunities with knowledge users.

Scroll further below to see a few highlights of current research publications, policy papers and blogs, and information on events and conferences that are related to cities and migration. We will also share updates from the Urban Sanctuary, Migrant Solidarity and Hospitality in Global Perspective research project now underway and led by Toronto Metropolitan University professor Harald Bauder

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Cities of Migration, 2008 – 2019

Cities of Migration was a global initiative that was created to improve local integration practices in immigrant receiving cities worldwide through information sharing and a learning exchange. Through more than 10 years of operation, Cities of Migration led international conferences, hosted numerous webinars and events, and published a wide range of reports, analysis and expert commentary from around the world. The work has produced an invaluable library of resources that represent the many initiatives underway across the globe in support of migrant integration in cities. View the tribute to Cities of Migration web page to access the library of resources.


Migration and the City, Feb 16-17, 2022

This year, CERC Migration’s annual conference examines cities as multifaceted urban hubs that negotiate tensions between urban growth and increasing migrant populations.  While our focus is transnational, we will also address issues that are unique to Canada. We seek to bring together insights from different world regions to better understand the relationship between migration and the city in the 21st century.

Follow this link for program details and information on registration.


Urban Sanctuary, Migrant Solidarity and Hospitality in Global Perspective

Based at Toronto Metropolitan University, the Urban Sanctuary, Migrant Solidarity and Hospitality in Global Perspective research initiative brings together 36 academics and partner organizations to co-develop and share evidence-based knowledge related to the policies and practices of accommodating vulnerable and precarious migrants and refugees in major urban centres in Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America.

With the principal goal to develop and share evidence-based knowledge with urban decision makers, the Urban Sanctuary project provides a database of Good Ideas from Sanctuary Cities from around the world.

View the blog here


Immigrant Futures

Immigrant friendly? or immigrant competent? Research suggests newcomer-friendly services and slogans aren’t enough. Immigrant attraction and retention depend on positive labour market experiences and a robust local economy. What can local planning councils in non-traditional new immigrant gateways do to prepare the ground for success?

The Immigrant Futures project explores the challenges and opportunities of immigrant attraction and retention in small, medium and regional communities in Canada in an age of global migration.

In 2019, Cities of Migration launched the PDF fileImmigrant Futures Toolkit  (PDF fileen français) to help leaders reverse a declining population trend and make plans for a thriving future.  Other supporting elements to help municipal leaders launch an immigrant futures strategy include: 

PDF fileCommunity Asset Mapping – a tool to help list poential stakeholdrs, organizations and institutions that could be engaged in Immigrant Futures planning. (PDF fileen français)

PDF fileGreater Moncton Poll – a public opinion survey that guages the city’s knowledge of immigration matters. (PDF fileen français)

powerpoint fileMaking the case PPT – a PowerPoint prsentaiton that one might give to a local council to initiate strategic planning for their region. (powerpoint fileen français)  


How inclusive is your city?

Take the pulse of your city with MyCOM, external link, the My City of Migration Diagnostic. MyCOM is a modular tool designed to help you assess the quality of inclusion in your city: at work, at school, on election day, in health and as a new arrival. Complete the MYCOM Diagnostic to build a profile of your city’s strengths and weaknesses across 10 dimensions of inclusion. How does your city measure up?