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Hello. My name is Sam Savona

Hello. My name is Sam Savona. I’ve lived in Toronto all my life. I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP for short).  Basically what that is, it is a disability which effects my movements of all my limbs, and it effects my speech. Now you’re going to hear me say “Not everyone is the same” a lot, which holds true about people with CP. CP effects individuals in different ways and in different degrees. I also use a powered wheelchair.

So now as I’m typing this and you are reading this, I’m thinking that you’re beginning to feel sorry for me or deciding if you really want to hear my sob story. Stop! You’re wrong on both counts. People who know me, knows that I’m a person far from asking or receiving any kind of pittiness.  I truly believe everyone should be treated equally (now here comes the tricky part) with the understanding that everyone has their uniqueness of doing, and understanding things. We all need to respect each other ways.

I’m hoping you will continue (get the plug to continue) to read my blogs, I’m hoping for a few things to happen with this blog; that I might offer you some insight as to “one” perspective as to what is it like to be a male person with a disability. Begin a dialog with EVERY community as to, how do they see a person with a disability actually fitting in their community. Community is, any segments of our society. Sharing with you some funny experiences living a life with a disability. From time to time I might share my opion on a matter in the disability community.

In closing this blog, I like to thank Scadding Court Community Centre for giving me this opportunity to write my views on disability issues.

In closing I like to share with you a motto I wrote and I think you can apply it when we find ourselves saying things like, “Why are they doing it that way.”, or “I would never do that!”

Please remember, “My normal is not your normal, and your normal is not my normal. It can’t because I’m not you and you’re not me,

Be accepting.

Sam Savona