Scadding Court Community Centre
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  • Address concerning behaviour. Always pause to address problematic comments or behaviour as they occur. Addressing them in the moment increases its impact and allows for a safer learning environment as the lesson continues. If you notice participants joking, laughing or scowling in response to a video or activity, remind the room about the importance of the lesson and the value of learning from people with lived experiences. We suggest using the following language: “I’m noticing some problematic behaviour and I just want to pause here for a moment to remind the room of the importance of these lessons and how valuable it is to be learning directly from these youth with these lived experiences.”

  • Take questions or comments at any time. Do not feel the need to wait until a video is finished to take questions or comments. Be lenient with pausing the video to hear from participants. Additionally, you should feel free to pause and point out moments that you feel are significant.

  • Do not pretend to know something. If a participant has a question that you cannot immediately answer due to your lack of knowledge or ability to address it, do not feel as if you have to answer right away as this can create harmful narratives. Readily admit if you do not know something and let them know that you will get back to them after you gather more information. You can also redirect the question to the room to see if someone else has knowledge on the topic. Additionally, you can point the participant to resources that may have the information they are looking for.