Scadding Court Community Centre
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Canada’s 150 birthday

This is Sam. So everyone was talking about Canada’s 150 birthday. You heard about it in the news, in ads, on talk shows, and everyone is talking about the history

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Ok, it’s me again; Sam

Ok, it’s me again Sam. I hope you found my last blog interesting.  I’m so excited this week because I bought myself a camera. I really can’t wait to use

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Hello. My name is Sam Savona

Hello. My name is Sam Savona. I’ve lived in Toronto all my life. I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP for short).  Basically what that is, it is a disability

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Market 707

Market 707 is a stretch of sidewalk near Dundas and Bathurst lined with upcycled shipping containers that offer sweet and savoury foods, services, and everything in between. Presided over by the Scadding Court Community Centre,

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Scadding – Sanderson Revitalization 2018

A Safe, Accessible and Connected Public Realm. All publicly accessible public spaces…

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Before Each Lesson

Check-in on your participants. It is important to honour the identities and lives of the people in the room with you. The stories you’ll engage with are not isolated instances

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During Each Lesson

Address concerning behaviour. Always pause to address problematic comments or behaviour as they occur. Addressing them in the moment increases its impact and allows for a safer learning...

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After Each Lesson

Debrief. Open the floor for participants to share their thoughts and feelings on the lesson. Let this be an open-ended space and allow participants to determine what they feel they

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