NEH offers a monthly FREE networking event on every last Tuesday of the month, from 6 to 8 PM at Scadding Court Community Centre (707 Dundas St W – Bathrust and Dundas). Each session is packed with information, has a guest speaker as well as time for you to chat and get to know others.

You can see below the dates of all NEH’s NETWORKING TUESDAYS, but it’s also good to follow us on social media to get updates and details about other opportunities.

Why do people talk so much about networking? Because networking can really help you open and grow your business. 

Networking can improve you open and grow your business
1 Most of the time, networking is free. (Our sessions of networking surely are!)
2 It connects you with people who understands what you are going through, with whom you can work with or learn from. Just don’t forget that this is all about mutual benefits. Sometimes you help, sometimes you are helped. It’s a circle of trust and support.
3 Networking can lead to help and good advice, but it can also turn in to business opportunities. The potential is there!
4 It boosts your confidence (just give yourself some time) and help you develop friendships. For those struggling to communicate in English, networking is also a great tool to improve their language skills.

Click now HERE and REGISTER yourself. It’s time to turn your idea into reality!