Food Access and Security

People need food - enough food, safe food nutritious food and the right kind of food to meet their needs.   The right to food is a basic human right that underlies and is part of all of our work.

Food also has important social meanings and roles. It is a way for people to communicate, to learn, to come together, to share and to connect to the natural world. In this way it provides a great common ground for all of the work that we do. We address food needs and issues by:

Growing food & providing a place for others to do so in our community gardens
Bringing people together to share food through our community kitchen, community lunches and annual Eid events
Creating opportunities for people to learn about their food, for example through Gone Fishin
Providing healthy snacks to most of our program participants on a regular basis
Being a voice on food-related issues, for example by participating on the Toronto Food Policy Council
Sharing our knowledge and expertise with others, for example on community composting
Exploring new ideas for urban agriculture and farming

Supporting small entrepreneurs at the Market 707