Areas of Focus

We strive to make this community and this city a better place to be. Along with providing programs, services and a supportive public space, we also have a role in creating a society in which everyone has an equal chance of health and success.

We do this by identifying areas of focus for our work, and by:

  • Developing programs that benefit individuals, build community and support positive social change – all at the same time!
  • Using and strengthening local knowledge, skills and resources
  • Linking local issues with larger systemic issues
  • Working with like-minded people and groups
  • Being proactive and thinking outside of the box
  • Bringing people together across traditional boundaries to take action

 Because discrimination and hunger are key barriers to being active at SCCC and in our community, addressing issues of access, equity and anti-racism and food security is a fundamental part of all of our work. To find out more about how we do this,  click below:

Access, Equity and Anti-racism

Food Access and Security

Support For Children Youth And Families

Newcomer Integration And Settlement

Centre Of Excellence People With Disabilities


Community and Social Development

Science Education